8 06 2007

Hey everyone…So I just wanted to inform you all that we’ve relocated sites. You can visit for all your Walkstars/Scootstars needs. As some of you may know, we’re gonna be riding our scooters across the United States while allowing our viewers to vote on which path we should take. Take a look at this video and see for yourself…the walkstars are on scooters now 🙂


inTransit- episode 1

3 05 2007

Peter and Josh briefly explain their next trip and the concept of inTransit. InTransit is a travel show of select individuals traveling through cool places but by cool transport.


24 04 2007

the new way to travel… coming soon…..

Change of Plans

17 04 2007

Some info that you obviously need…Obviously.

20 03 2007

Thanks for the comments that everyone left. So a couple things… To answer some questions that we have been getting for a little while- Why am I called “The Hall-monitor” It resembles my last name, only a few call me it…unfortunately there is nothing I can do about, as we know once a nickname comes it doesn’t leave. Pete’s nickname is… “The Panther” (Long story) Why I walked and did I clear my mind? The mind was partially cleared- check out the next video it will explain more– And as far as Pete is concerned and his issues of walking…I can’t answer that but once again check the next video. This next walk we are doing we want many of you and many other people to come with. This is going to be longer obviously- It is a great experience whatever your possible reasons are for walking…come along. Alright hope to talk with you all soon. Thanks for the support-


Our Next Walk…..

11 03 2007

So we’re planning on another walk…That’s right, more walking going on. This time around, we’re gonna make it longer, bigger, and badder. You heard right, The Walkstars are stars of walking whether you like it or not.

We appreciate the support that everyone gave us….It’s done a lot to motivate us and has helped a great deal. Aside from all my blisters, i’m ready to get back on the road again. This video is to let you all know that we haven’t given up just yet. San Diego was just the beginning. Two guys living in studio can get a little crammed, so we’re determined to get out and start walking again. At least we’ll have some space, like myspace. Please feel free to contact us, and tell us what you think. DRUM ROLL PLEASE……..

San Diego is just the beginning…

3 03 2007

Thanks for everyone who watched and gave the good words along the walk. We have some new things in store which will be better in every aspect- That I am sure of. Keep checking in and stay in touch. Will talk with you all soon-