8 02 2007

Many of you have been asking us where we’ll be sleeping. Well, we’re still not sure. That’s when you come in. If you live in between Los Angeles and San Diego and happen to have a place to house some stinky feet, please email me at or send us your myspace info…add us as a friend at We promise to entertain you and give you some face time on video, if you want of course.

As of now, this is how our route will look. Always willing to change if someone has a place for us to stay outside of these towns.

Day 1 February 19th: Santa Monica to Torrance
Day 2 February 20th: Torrance to Surfside
Day 3 February 21st: Surfside to Laguna Beach
Day 4 February 22nd: Laguna Beach to San Clemente – possibly go camping on Camp Pendleton
Day 5 February 23rd: San Clemente to Oceanside
Day 6 February 24th: Oceanside to Del Mar or
Oceanside to Pacific Beach, San Diego (FINISH)
Day 7 If necessary: Del Mar or Pacific Beach to Downtown San Diego




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