Why Walk to San Diego

9 02 2007

A video of Josh and Peter briefly describing why they’re walking. The Walkstars invite you to come along, and walk for whatever it is you want to walk for.




2 responses

20 02 2007

Ok so Josh is the funniest one of you guys that I can tell so far but which one of you stomps ive wanted to for a while and then all these movies came out so whatever but I wish I lived near one of those places I want my face on the internet smashing some ppl on Gears baby yea oh and the (Website thing I don’t get it is it like the website im on or what oh and in response to day one yeah my keyboard is doing great thx for caring

25 02 2007

hello peter and walking companions, this is that little kid from your old neighborhood who admires you for walking this great distance, i truly envy your determination, sorry about the blisters,
WALKSTARS! p.s. i look forward to seeing you at wrigley this year?

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