Day One–You have come to an end.

19 02 2007

So we are currently at the Ramada Inn in Torrance…So here’s the deal, I have talked to many of my friends (you) and I hear that walking 20-25 miles a day is not “a lot” You are wrong. Not to mention we hit some rain, not to mention I had a brief encounter with a man hiding behind a soda machine who can only be described as the candyman, not to mention Sean and I were starving when we got in, so hungry, so so hungry, we went to get chinese we ordered chicken…I am fairly certain I ate a animal that is not on the radar yet because last time I check Chicken was not chewy and black/brown. But- Times have been good, we got a little lost, twice, but got back on track had some good times met some good people and are enjoying all the mind clearing moments. It is getting a little late, Pete has been editing, I have been watching him and sean has been sleeping… Yes that is correct Sean has been sleeping. We leave tomorrow morning, which is in a few hours, I know for a fact we have some visitiors which will be very very interesting so make sure you check back in. I am going to now rest and act like my body is not in pain.
Let me also say thank you MP3 player…I would be lost without you.





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19 02 2007
Erik Dortch

………………………………………….I hate you Hallman. Good luck tomorrow Walkstars. Watch out for those monsters from “Where The Wild Things Are.” (Ref Google)

20 02 2007

Little Brother,
Please remember to keep your long toenails trimmed. No one likes mangled feet. Remember our conversation about a certain someone’s feet? Don’t be that guy.
I love you and stay safe. Walk on brother.

20 02 2007

No blisters yet? Once you are done with this, you will be different people. My heart goes out to you, Walkstars!!!

20 02 2007
City of Angels

okay fellaz,

I posted a somewhat befuddled comment over at GigaOm about your walkabout, while my comment wasn’t abusive or nasty in any form it’s still undergoing moderation 🙂

Here’s the gist of my remarks: You can pretty much walk the entire length from Los Angeles to San Diego by following the California Mission Trail (est. 1769). Here’s the wikipedia link:

There are many published “walking/bicycling” tours available along the Mission Trail, so I’d contact the Historical Society of Southern California , or one any of the historical societies dedicated to the California Mission Trail, Los Angeles and/or San Diego (use your favorite search engine), the Archdiocese(s) of Los Angeles & San Diego (free lodging may be available), or even the Automobile Association (AAA) for Southern California.

The most expedient method for these search would be to use the *free* reference librarian service offered by the California Public Library System . AskNow offers real, live human librarians via a chat interface. The librarians are available 24/7, 365.

Good Luck!

20 02 2007
City of Angels


The wikipedia link from my comment above did not post. Here it is again …

Wikipedia: California (Spanish) Missions

And one more thing, in case you get hungry along the road. In Los Angeles County, all fruit that overhangs a public road, is free for the eating. Please see:

Fallen Fruit

20 02 2007

See…I couldn’t walk like that if I WANTED to…my island is only 40 ‘ish miles accross and 36 ‘ish miles long….o_o lol Good luck! I’ll be checking in on your videos on youtube. XD

~Cat in Hawaii

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