DAY 2: Henry Ford: Your model-T means nothing to the walkstars.

20 02 2007

So day 2—where to start…..It started a little cold, and some serious industry, which was a huge change from the day before. We got into Orange County and Seal Beach which is beautiful (also on a side note happens to be my old stomping grounds, orange county that is). However although things have been good the one thing that has not changed is the poor eating. My energy bars are a god send, but the fast food I ate today really messed up the stomach I gotta be honest. I need to cut this short simply because I don’t feel that well.
We had some visitors today check them out. My body is in slight walking pain but I can assure you not as bad as sean who is the bionic man with the repairs he has going on to himself. Pete is holding up well considering he is carrying 40 pounds on his back. Thanks for the responses- watch the videos.

Thanks to all….And the people we met today




3 responses

20 02 2007

I caught you on youtube. I’ve added you to my favorites and will be watching your journey. reminds me of Forrest Gump meets the three stooges. ( Don’t have a cow man, I’m just kidding!)

21 02 2007

I found u guys on youtube and added u to my favorites this week. I think being a walkstar is a pretty funny idea, and I love it. Doesn’t hurt that u guys are pretty cute, too!! Goodluck-thanks for the laughs! xo-trace

21 02 2007
FairInHeight aka Milwaukee Man

I hope that AAA card worked at the ramada. Goodluck on your journey fellas. Wish i was there… damn i coulda been one helluva token black dude..for real

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