The Walkstars – Day Two

20 02 2007

So it’s 10:41pm, just came back from some beers and dinner while the video was uploading. The walk today was very interesting, considering we were mostly in Long Beach. Good times eventhough the bottom of my feet feel like hamburger meat. I hope to see you all in San Diego, WALK ON!

We’ll be leaving from Surfside tomorrow and end up at Laguna Beach if all goes as planned. Feel free to stop by and say hello 🙂




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20 02 2007

Hey just wanted to say you guys are awesome for doing this..but I have a question why did you decide to walk and why did you pick the city/ miles/ days you would walk?..good luck and hope your journey is safe.

20 02 2007

Sigh. Kicking my feet up with you from here. My keyboard is nice!

21 02 2007

Congrats on being featured on youtube I have a feeling you will have more people joining you thank you could imagine. A little tip beat the groupies off with a stick, I do it every night.

21 02 2007

The Bragiel trifecta was complete only a few (30) miles down the road from me and I wasn’t alerted? FOR SHAME!

21 02 2007

good luck : )

21 02 2007

I have to be honest with you, couldn’t wait till morning to see DAY 2 of your adventures. What a cool footage! Wish all of you endurance to beat all your pains. Keep walking!
You are my stars for sure!!!!!

21 02 2007

You guys rock. Have a great time doing this; it’s an experience you’ll always remember. I’m curious how far into San Diego you all are planning to go?

21 02 2007
Lorenzo Verniani

You are great!
I’m looking at you from Italy and I’m passionately waiting for morning (in Italy)to see your ending-day videos.
Good luck..guys 😉

21 02 2007

Hi Guys,

Everyone in our office is following your journey.
Have advised our clients in New Zealand and Australia
to tune in.

Good Luck!

21 02 2007

well guys im quite impressed by your reslove on doing this and its quite entertaining. i look forward to seeing you go all the way thru and reaching your goal. good luck and have a safe and fun trip. good luck .

21 02 2007
FairInHeight aka Milwaukee Man

Live from Serbia. Top 4 reasons why I love THEWALKSTARS….
1) The videos keep me entertained and divert some of my attention away from the thoughts of 8am practices.
2) Is this good, bad,or just plain weird? WALKSTARS are keeping me from the allure of the porn they air on tv so much here in europe.
3) I am living vicariously through their pedestrian efforts.
4) Joshs’ AAA card

P.S. If you happen to take a detour through south central ya’ll might have to become the runstars. Keep truckin’ fellas

26 02 2007

Yeah well i just found out about you guys, kinda missed the walking, but Im in Nebraska… wishing it was warm enough to walk outside… anyways i pretty much love these videos, they made my day… lets say, tomorrow walking will be my state of mind. does that make sence…?

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