DAY 3- The 21st. The Mind Clearing, never eating fast food again walk.

21 02 2007

Like a moron, due to poor eating….I have been held back due to some serious pain in the stomach and throat- The guys went ahead, I just stopped off to rest for a minute- I am hoping to catch up later tongight.

Like I had said before I lived in Orange County (Newport) not too long ago, and today once held significant meaning to me personally so when I say “I need to clear my mind” walking in Orange County on this date, I have no problem with it. The mind clearing is making me put some issues away like a old magazine.

We all have some pain. You know walking is a tad harder than some may think, it takes the toll, Pete has 400 lbs on his back and he is walking alright with the exception of some blister that would rival tennis balls- I don’t know how he is carrying his bag (if you don’t know what I am talking about check the “what we’re bringing” video) We are also walking with Paul who joined yesterday (check DAY 2). Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to the Urban Trekker, he Trekked soime damn good miles. Alright time for me to move on and catch thewalkstars.

Thanks again to Meetro.

I love the Ocean- It is awesome.




5 responses

21 02 2007

He m8

I hope your stomach isn’t that bad..would hate to see you leave so early.
Anyways here some love from acrose the Ocean

21 02 2007

Ur doin awesome man… Ur super fantastic…

21 02 2007

saw you on utube, you guys rock!

please dont die!


from jess xo

21 02 2007

You guy’s gonna make it to La Jolla by Saturday? And it looks like the trek from San Clemente to Oceanside is gonna be brutal, dude, not to mention it’s gonna start raining tomarrow and friday. But I’ll be in La Jolla when you get there. Peace.

21 02 2007

good luck dudes, i’m watchin’ and rootin’ for ya.

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