The Walkstars – Day Three

22 02 2007

Here’s Day Three of The Walkstars journey to San Diego from LA. They depart from Surfside and arrive in Laguna Beach..enjszhoy. special thanks goes out to Shaun Firth for meeting up with us over beers and dinner 🙂




3 responses

22 02 2007

Yeah, I saw YouTube was down last night and I was thinking of you guys. Soldier on!

22 02 2007

Way to go SEAN! maybe you should buy some hiking shoes…they’re proberly better the the sneakers your walking on now 😛
Anyway Walkstars FTW

22 02 2007

Well done, lads. Big props from up in Oregon. Keep it up. Fight through the pain, because it’s only temporary. Your pride for finishing will live forever. But do make use of ice and Advil as much as humanly possible, and keep those feet elevated when you get home at night.


P.S. I DEFINITELY don’t recommend hiking boots as Pluizje did. As an urban trekker myself, I say well-made walking shoes is the way to go on pavement.

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