Heavy BackPack

23 02 2007

We walked and walked and walked and arrived in Carlsbad just now. We’re drinking a few pints to nullify the pain. We’re at a brewery called Pizza Port, and awaiting our pizza to arrive while guzzling down a couple of brewskis. It’s goodtimes! After all that walking, the one thing you look forward to is beer and food. Eventhough I only drank a liter of water, and I can say that on behalf of the rest of the guys as well, we’re excited to stay dehydrated be drinking piwo (beer in polish). Sean and Josh’s pizza just arrived. Sean is ready to say a prayer to his 8 slice meaty cheese festival mess. Josh is munchin on a small cheese pizza and Paul and myself are witing for the Pizza San Francisco.

So tomorrow is our last day, and we’re considering pumping out a couple more miles so that we’ll lighten our load for tomorrows finale. Heck, we may as well just get obliterated tonight and walk regardless. OK, here’s the pizza….Time to sign off! Stay tuned to tonights video…It should be interesting.




9 responses

23 02 2007

You guys are troopers! Make sure to nurse those blisters so they don’t get infected! Good luck tomorrow! Much love -V

27 02 2007

I just picked up your vid on myspace and came to your site. Great story, I always wanted to walk a great distance but have been to lazy. Small story but it reached me in Indiana. Its nice to see something positive and entertaining for a change. Hope everyone heals well, Jim

27 03 2007


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