DAY 6- the end….Video coming soon.

25 02 2007

So we have officailly concluded. The first walk behind us…I sit here with Sean and Pete, Pete’s feet look goofy and blistered. They look like…well….not good. Sean has picked up a cold somewhere, I am not a genius but I think it may be from the bad weather, dehydration, too many drinks, and minimal sleep. I am also sick still, not feeling well, but we are here in Los Angeles- The walkstars are halted for now. The new video will be up shortly.

So please stick around, I promise you this will not be the end of us or our journey, we have more in store. We shall see you soon-

Thanks for the people who came by!




4 responses

26 02 2007


26 02 2007

The best thing about your whole journey is that after all that…you are all still smokin hot. Especially Pete.

Good on ya hotstars

26 02 2007


10 08 2007

you funny guys!

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