The Walkstars – Day Six

27 02 2007

Day Six was a little blurry! We were just too happy to be done with the WALK, therefore the lack of footage….We’d like to give a special thanks to Cassie from Trader Joes.




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28 02 2007

Hey Walkstars!! (sry when you find many mistakes but i´m a german girl and i have to say that my english is not really good .. please don´t laugh *g*)

It’s very cool what you have done. And I hope this was not the last time that I see movies from you … and now I wish you much fun with rest * g *
Lovely Greets Kristina

P.s.: and if you planed such a trip again … please think of me and take me with you

28 02 2007

God bless you men for walking!!! The videos are very good of a familiar area of southern CA. That Pendleton segment was great, you are lucky you did not get worse happen to you. Umm the picture of the “bear uh, marine” was awsome!

Please publish more video-logs. Suggestion: Next time, have someone sponsor you with a road crew; AND LOTS of WATER!!!

Thank you brave men, more please?

1 03 2007

hah dude you guys walked right past my house in La Jolla. Was that Jack’s in the last vid?

2 03 2007
FairInHeight aka Milwaukee Man

so are u guys walking back? haha jk. congrats on making there safely and in one piece

2 03 2007

wow! Now I’m having my movie star moment. You guys should be proud. Good luck on your next adventure!

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