Our Next Walk…..

11 03 2007

So we’re planning on another walk…That’s right, more walking going on. This time around, we’re gonna make it longer, bigger, and badder. You heard right, The Walkstars are stars of walking whether you like it or not.

We appreciate the support that everyone gave us….It’s done a lot to motivate us and has helped a great deal. Aside from all my blisters, i’m ready to get back on the road again. This video is to let you all know that we haven’t given up just yet. San Diego was just the beginning. Two guys living in studio can get a little crammed, so we’re determined to get out and start walking again. At least we’ll have some space, like myspace. Please feel free to contact us, and tell us what you think. DRUM ROLL PLEASE……..


Scheduled Downtime – End of Day Three

22 02 2007

So I finished editing the video. It’s just about midnight and i’m extremely tired. It was a long long day that never seemed to want to end. We walked into the night, and pushed our aching bodies to Laguna Beach. Paul and Sean have been sleeping since about 8, and i’ve been editing this ever since we finished. However, there’s a little problem. Youtube is doing some repairs on the site, so I won’t be able to post the video until tomorrow morning. I’m trying my best to get it up through another video sharing site, but who knows.

Stay Tuned

The Walkstars – Day Two

20 02 2007

So it’s 10:41pm, just came back from some beers and dinner while the video was uploading. The walk today was very interesting, considering we were mostly in Long Beach. Good times eventhough the bottom of my feet feel like hamburger meat. I hope to see you all in San Diego, WALK ON!

We’ll be leaving from Surfside tomorrow and end up at Laguna Beach if all goes as planned. Feel free to stop by and say hello 🙂