Our Next Walk…..

11 03 2007

So we’re planning on another walk…That’s right, more walking going on. This time around, we’re gonna make it longer, bigger, and badder. You heard right, The Walkstars are stars of walking whether you like it or not.

We appreciate the support that everyone gave us….It’s done a lot to motivate us and has helped a great deal. Aside from all my blisters, i’m ready to get back on the road again. This video is to let you all know that we haven’t given up just yet. San Diego was just the beginning. Two guys living in studio can get a little crammed, so we’re determined to get out and start walking again. At least we’ll have some space, like myspace. Please feel free to contact us, and tell us what you think. DRUM ROLL PLEASE……..


San Diego is just the beginning…

3 03 2007

Thanks for everyone who watched and gave the good words along the walk. We have some new things in store which will be better in every aspect- That I am sure of. Keep checking in and stay in touch. Will talk with you all soon-

DAY 6- the end….Video coming soon.

25 02 2007

So we have officailly concluded. The first walk behind us…I sit here with Sean and Pete, Pete’s feet look goofy and blistered. They look like…well….not good. Sean has picked up a cold somewhere, I am not a genius but I think it may be from the bad weather, dehydration, too many drinks, and minimal sleep. I am also sick still, not feeling well, but we are here in Los Angeles- The walkstars are halted for now. The new video will be up shortly.

So please stick around, I promise you this will not be the end of us or our journey, we have more in store. We shall see you soon-

Thanks for the people who came by!

The Walkstars – Day Five

24 02 2007

Ok, day five. As Josh already said, we walked and walked and walked. I’m beat and it’s time to make our final stretch in to Pacific Beach. Have a nice day and we hope to see you

Heavy BackPack

23 02 2007

We walked and walked and walked and arrived in Carlsbad just now. We’re drinking a few pints to nullify the pain. We’re at a brewery called Pizza Port, and awaiting our pizza to arrive while guzzling down a couple of brewskis. It’s goodtimes! After all that walking, the one thing you look forward to is beer and food. Eventhough I only drank a liter of water, and I can say that on behalf of the rest of the guys as well, we’re excited to stay dehydrated be drinking piwo (beer in polish). Sean and Josh’s pizza just arrived. Sean is ready to say a prayer to his 8 slice meaty cheese festival mess. Josh is munchin on a small cheese pizza and Paul and myself are witing for the Pizza San Francisco.

So tomorrow is our last day, and we’re considering pumping out a couple more miles so that we’ll lighten our load for tomorrows finale. Heck, we may as well just get obliterated tonight and walk regardless. OK, here’s the pizza….Time to sign off! Stay tuned to tonights video…It should be interesting.

The Walkstars – Day Four

22 02 2007

So here it is, Day Four. I’ve been waiting for this to upload so that I can catch up on my sleep. Tomorrow we’ll be walking through Camp Pendleton onto Oceanside or Carlsbad, depending on how we feel. Goodnite!

DAY 4: The lonely road is NO MORE

22 02 2007

So Pete’s blisters are honestly one of the scarriest sights I have ever seen, I can’t believe he is on his feet, I heard Sean backed out and in: he is the ROBOTIC MAN, Mr. Meetro himself Paul is walking hard, it is good. I wish I could report something good back to you but the fact of the matter is the walk was beautiful and there is not much to do when you are alone. I thought, cleared the mind, talked to good friends and now I am where I am…. Sitting in a comfort in with a drink in my hand…

Thank God I am now back walking with someone, anyone. It took some time, my stomach is in shambles…My back hurts…I walked solo style for quite some time. I got up quite early today And made some serious ground, you have no idea how much I am anticipating the arrival to San Diego, and we all want you to be there with us…Come walk, join us and we will have a good, good, good time.
I hate to do this, and give you the time of day but to all of you who doubted us and also are throwing negativity our way…Thanks for watching and checking in. Funny how that work isn’t it: You write negative comments and have your problems, say you don’t want to see us but yet you are reading this right now. And to all of you who support us…Thank you Again.

I am off, again please come and join if you want. It is the mind clearing experience of a life time. I guarantee the footage is going to get better and some thing that will happen will suprise you, there are many places we still have to travel and many things to do- Now I am back we will all have a good time.

I love you music. You know what I am going to do, learn some music. Music has got me through.. I recently learned some piano and guitar- I am starting a band.