Change of Plans

17 04 2007

The Walkstars – Day Five

24 02 2007

Ok, day five. As Josh already said, we walked and walked and walked. I’m beat and it’s time to make our final stretch in to Pacific Beach. Have a nice day and we hope to see you

The Walkstars – Day Four

22 02 2007

So here it is, Day Four. I’ve been waiting for this to upload so that I can catch up on my sleep. Tomorrow we’ll be walking through Camp Pendleton onto Oceanside or Carlsbad, depending on how we feel. Goodnite!

The Walkstars – Day One

20 02 2007

The Walkstars journey off on their first day, the 19th of February

The Walkstars – Day Before

18 02 2007

Why Walk to San Diego

9 02 2007

A video of Josh and Peter briefly describing why they’re walking. The Walkstars invite you to come along, and walk for whatever it is you want to walk for.


6 02 2007

Special Thanks to Jessica Szohr for the inspiration

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