They call me the Hall Monitor, well not really. Peter does! So here’s the deal. I’m walking because I just need to clear my head and get out of LA for a little while.


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9 01 2007
Eric Dortch

Josh, you are a better person than me.

1 02 2007
stacey "the sister" hallman

Don’t clear your head too much- there is a lot of good stuff up there.

1 02 2007

Monitoring any halls lately?

19 02 2007
Mary R

Good Luck Josh…………

19 02 2007
Josh Hallman

No Dortch, you’re a WAAAAYYYYY better person than I am. I’m a rotting piece of crap that liks Star Wars. Dortch, I look up to you in so many ways. Will you be my mentor?

19 02 2007
Eth Russ

i swear ive seen you before…..oh yeah you look just like speed racer!! i wish you the best on this walk. Oh god is good!

20 02 2007
Mary R

I thought it “never” rained in southern california!!?##!!

20 02 2007

Thanks for the writing….I appreciate it to all Sister, Ethan, Mary, Big Pete, myself. Not you Dortch-


20 02 2007
Josh Hankins

Why don’t you guys walk from like Canada to Mexico. “That” would be somthin to brag about…

20 02 2007
mia sode

good luck, be safe!

21 02 2007

yo josh
love what your doing and wish i could join you all.
ill be sure to watch the updates,
keep em coming


21 02 2007

…love ur creativity & sense of humor! Send me a pic of something crazy/sexy/ cool on ur trip…xo-trace

22 02 2007
pierre mewissen (referred to as poopstain by josh)

whats up josh
it’s really cool what you’re doing and have fun doing it.

the force is strong

22 02 2007

hey josh
figured out this commenting thing finally…took me a while…do you really call pierre poopstain…i didnt know that..but its actually pretty funny..anyway hope you feel better soon so that you can keep walking..sounds like a great time!!


23 02 2007

haha i just saw the vids… thats awesome! Hope I was able to help…

-joshy poo poo

24 02 2007

Hey man! Rock on! You’ll love La Jolla and Pacific Beach in sunny San Diego. I wish I could make it today (Sat)in PB but sadly I have to work just 10 minutes across town. 😦
Hope it’s all worth it!
btw- you all are hot

24 02 2007
Mary R

Are you there yet??? Who’s poor toe was that???? Yikes! Great Job!

24 02 2007

Hey Josh! I wish you could clear my head for me on the way. With some more notice I would have joined you guys, but I’m on the wrong coast right now. God bless!!

24 02 2007

What was in the field? Was it a cougar? Go on… do whatcha gotta do. Clear on.

27 02 2007
big daddy woo woo

IM WALKING HOMe from europe…can i be a walkstar

28 02 2007
Kim Bozmoski

You go handsome!! Your right to get out of town for a bit and challedge thy self to boot. Hope you feel great and more accomplished in your efforts. Love always, Auntie Kim

28 02 2007
Cuz Alex

Awesome bro!

13 03 2007

Damn man, I feel your pain. I have walked the Rachel Carson trail in Pittsburgh the last two years. It’s 34 miles in one day and with no preparation, it was killer. If you guys are coming through central Ohio on your trek to NY, let me know. I would be down for either hospitality or walking along for awhile. It’s amazing how inspiring just walking is.

19 03 2007

Hey, I just watched the last day of your walk and let me tell you…you deserve mad props, boys. That’s such a crazy journey from LA to SD to DRIVE, let alone walk. I’ll be watching every video of your chicago-ny trip in stunned silence. Y’all be careful!

20 03 2007

Why does Peter call you “hall monitor”? What do you call him?

3 04 2007

Well done guys, I know how hard it is to walk and walk and walk! Been watching your videos on youtube and have made me laugh so much. xxx P.S: Marry me josh? HA!

6 03 2008
Bill Ross

I just learned of you guys and I think its really cool what your doing. Great viral marketing idea.

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