The Walkstars – Day Six

27 02 2007

Day Six was a little blurry! We were just too happy to be done with the WALK, therefore the lack of footage….We’d like to give a special thanks to Cassie from Trader Joes.


We’ve Been Nominated

26 02 2007

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay on the last day video. We’ve been busy with getting back to LA and what not. We’ve been nominated on for new hot vlogs. Support the walkstars and VOTE

Thanks for the support everyone. It’s been a fun trip, and we’re hoping for more in the future.

DAY 6- the end….Video coming soon.

25 02 2007

So we have officailly concluded. The first walk behind us…I sit here with Sean and Pete, Pete’s feet look goofy and blistered. They look like…well….not good. Sean has picked up a cold somewhere, I am not a genius but I think it may be from the bad weather, dehydration, too many drinks, and minimal sleep. I am also sick still, not feeling well, but we are here in Los Angeles- The walkstars are halted for now. The new video will be up shortly.

So please stick around, I promise you this will not be the end of us or our journey, we have more in store. We shall see you soon-

Thanks for the people who came by!


24 02 2007

So, our plans have changed. We found out that Hope street no longer exists. So we’ll convene at the same time but at a different place.

Sorry for the last minute notice, but this is the new location. We’ll be meeting at Girard Ave and Coast Blvd in La Jolla at 4PM today.

The Walkstars – Day Five

24 02 2007

Ok, day five. As Josh already said, we walked and walked and walked. I’m beat and it’s time to make our final stretch in to Pacific Beach. Have a nice day and we hope to see you

DAY 5 (delayed) DAY6- We walk, walk, walk, walk, walk…to San Diego.

24 02 2007

I was not able to write last night, we decided to walk the night through. We are dead. I am fairly certain we will all have injuries for the remainder of our lives from this walk. To sum things up pretty quickly we walked through camp pendleton yesterday and had some problems, pete and I went crazy, we also ran into a “upset” marine… Please see the video. As usual there was some cool things to see, petes blisters are top 5 most disgusting things I have ever seen in my life, really. Sean is moving and moving…Paul, he is all good. I just want to get to San Diego- No more Marines, no more people to run into, just get to San Diego and head to Pacific Beach. If you want to come and have a good time please feel free.

In terms of my head clearing….it has been done. I now need to do things to fill it, well I think it is clear. Honestly this walking and just being alone- It was great, you gain new views and feel differently about things and people.

We are off now, drinks and food await. By the way, we stopped off to have drinks and food yesterday…FYI: not good to put alcohol in your system when it is calling for hydration. I love my shoes and my MP3 player.

To all the good people we met: Thank you for all the things. COME AND JOIN US.


Heavy BackPack

23 02 2007

We walked and walked and walked and arrived in Carlsbad just now. We’re drinking a few pints to nullify the pain. We’re at a brewery called Pizza Port, and awaiting our pizza to arrive while guzzling down a couple of brewskis. It’s goodtimes! After all that walking, the one thing you look forward to is beer and food. Eventhough I only drank a liter of water, and I can say that on behalf of the rest of the guys as well, we’re excited to stay dehydrated be drinking piwo (beer in polish). Sean and Josh’s pizza just arrived. Sean is ready to say a prayer to his 8 slice meaty cheese festival mess. Josh is munchin on a small cheese pizza and Paul and myself are witing for the Pizza San Francisco.

So tomorrow is our last day, and we’re considering pumping out a couple more miles so that we’ll lighten our load for tomorrows finale. Heck, we may as well just get obliterated tonight and walk regardless. OK, here’s the pizza….Time to sign off! Stay tuned to tonights video…It should be interesting.