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They call me Panther, well not really…Sean does as do a a few other select individuals. I’m the man behind the scenes here with The Walkstars. I’m a big fan of walking, so I thought “why not just bring some friends along for a little adventure.” I invite you all to come on board and walk for whatever it is you want to walk for.
This sort of thing must run in my blood. My brothers, Paul and Dan rode their bicycles across the United States…. My goal is to walk across the USA, so if this works out….i’ll see you on the road again! Tune in, we’ll try and update every day throughout the trip. It’ll be a challenge, to walk, talk, and edit…but it’s a challenge i’m willing to accept. Let’s take it step by step and have some fun.


27 responses

24 01 2007

SO I guess you are going to be walking?? Cool…Can’t wait to pull over and rob you of your shit

8 02 2007

You are sooo hot Peter! I can’t wait to watch you walk.

15 02 2007

walking sure beats the Greyhound

19 02 2007

Hey Pete!

Just a note to let you know that even though I am in Maroc these days i’ll do my best to follow you guys each time i have the internet. You know I’m right next to you while you’re walking…

I miss you

Have a great trip!

19 02 2007
Erik Dortch

Is today’s video progress going to be posted up tonight?

19 02 2007
Eth Russ

hey man this is whats its come to! A hell of a lot of preperation and hard work…..which will pay off. You three are onto something really cool here and even im catching on. wish you the best on this journey. i am worried for the other two…but if there is one man who can does this there is no question it you. long way from drunk nites in NY and all those Parisan girls. Moving onto bigger things…best of luck

20 02 2007
Erik Dortch

Pete, awsome fuckin “Day One” video. Hats off to you and The Walkstars.

20 02 2007
frank lauria

Hey Peter…… of luck to you, Sean and Josh….I just caught day one on youtube and it was great…..I see the energy! This is a long way from leavin uperdeckers at toga parties. Wish I was there with you guys….if I have the time I will try to fly out from NY to see your last 5 miles. Wish Vinnie would have told me before I would have made arraignments…Best of Luck… out for deep puddles that look shallow, #2 on the side of the road, and toothless chics that approach you and try to help you on your journey.

20 02 2007
mia sode

do what you gotta do. be safe.

21 02 2007

Hi there, I once cycled from Pacific Beach to La Jolla and back and thought i was going to die! Wish i could get to San Diego again, i lived there in 2005. Was in LA last week though so that will have to do! Good luck with the walk,

Denise (not the same Denise as above message), Dublin, Ireland.

21 02 2007

Alright Walkstars. Do your damn thing today.

21 02 2007
Ally B.

Make it over to the east coast!!

22 02 2007
Erik Dortch

Good shit Pete.

23 02 2007


Nice to see the Meetro team on tape!!

24 02 2007

Walk on Pete!
Wish I could be there Sat! I’ll be across town at work but walking in spirit!

24 02 2007
Karen and Billy

Hey guys – We’re the people you met at pizza port (lady with the baby) I am glad you are doing well – let me know if you need a ride back home!!Ha Ha

26 02 2007

We love your video or the video posted on You Tube that you posted! I am an associate producer on a TV show for David Hurwitz (Exec Producer of 6 seasons of Fear Factor). We really love “Spinning A Mac Book Pro” and want to use it in our show. It is a Primetime Network TV show that will showcase the best videos we find on the net. Call me or email me with your contact information if you are interested in letting us use your video or know the person who produced it.

Stacia Dyess
Room 403 Productions

27 02 2007

I love it, the lady from the pizza place offered you a ride back home. Thats sweet.

27 02 2007

Nice work with the walkstars. I hope that you make it across the US. I would love to see that. Jumbodude rocks!

28 02 2007

Peter, You have the BEST attitude of this whole “Walkstar”, LA to San Diego trip!! Keep on Keepin on!!

God Bless you!!

Congrats on the offer from a TV show! Go for it!!!

12 03 2007


The last video is hilarious!

Let’s meet in NYC next summer then.


12 03 2007

Peter, CREDIT!

22 03 2007

Pete…Let me know when you are in Chicago…I’ll come up and hang!

31 03 2007
anthony tony jr

nice…coming to EU ?

5 04 2007

Can’t wait to see your next walk, peter you are soo HOT!!! good luck on the road.

Love ya

6 05 2007

how do you spin those things on your fingers?

4 07 2007

great job guys. If you go through Utah contact us. My husband and I have a large home in Orem and you are welcome to stay with us for a night – our 16 year old thinks you are really on the adventure of a lifetime. We do too of course – but also think you need to rest some. Good luck and contact us if you need a cool rest on a soft bed in the orem area.

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