They call me Cobra, well not really. Peter does as do a few other cool people. I’m looking forward to this walk. It’ll be nice to get out of Florida and walk a few days with some cool dudes! I hope you enjoy watching me walk to SD. I like adventure, and this trip will test my determination. See ya on the road.


16 responses

19 02 2007

you are sean

19 02 2007

yo dudes love your videos .
keep up the good work.

love, to u from sam and jill

19 02 2007

yo love your videos.
keep up the good work.

love,sam & jill

19 02 2007

Hey, wish i was there with u Sean. It would b cool to meet ur friends and go on an adventure with u. Good times!


20 02 2007
mia sode

the best of luck and stay safe.

21 02 2007

go sean
your brother told me about this and i think it is one of the best ideas ever
good luck guys
oh and quit your whining about your knee
see ya back in florida

21 02 2007

Hey guys,

my names lee and im from the UK.

i love what your doing and wish i could join you all, but im to far away

keep it up tho, have fun.


22 02 2007

With your feet on the air and your head on the ground,
Where is your mind?


22 02 2007
Erik Dortch

Like a true Marine Sean, taking the pain. Cause if that were my black ass, I’d be down on the ground like a little bitch. I would have had that cab bring my ass right back to West Hollywood.

22 02 2007

Hang tough Sean You’re a walkstar
PS WHY Because you can !!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the best Love DAD

23 02 2007

Nice plug for Mizunos, I love mine 2! B thinking of u when we party done tomorrow:) Love ya

23 02 2007
Dan B

That was a solid Mizunos plug. Very natural. Good luck walking

24 02 2007

Hey man! Walk on and bandaids are a godsend for blisters. They usually help. I got some nasty ones during my trek in Europe. I’m here in SD and sadly will be at work when ya finish up in Pacific Beach. Enjoy La Jolla and PB!

4 03 2007

You guys rock! I saw the videos on myspace. so cool. were are you going to walk too next?

20 05 2007


19 07 2007

Dude, you 2 rocks like hell man! keep it up!
Peace, Mattie

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