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20 02 2007
20 02 2007

How are you?
This is Dae-youn Kim, a developer of Creeping SKI “Avalanche.”
I completed the development of Avalanche after repeated trial and error for 2years. The ski enjoyed general popularity, winning many prizes in the 2006 INPEX in Pittsburgh. It was really good news for me.

I am convinced that Avalanche has a future-oriented and unique design and appeals to people in North America and Europe who seek for new leisure sports. As a result of over forty field tests, I am convinced that the Avalanche is safer than other winter sports equipment available and that the ski is more thrilling and fun as the height of the ski from the bottom is low. Not only that, the Avalanche can be used for athletes. In short, the Avalanche is user friendly, safe and fun.

My plan is to sell technical licensing of Avalanche to global sports equipment makers in order to commercialize the Creeping SKI. The existent fixed idea was one of the most difficult things when I started to develop Avalanche. I believe that, however, we can create something new when we are free from the fixed idea. I hope that you will evaluate Avalanche with open mindset.

20 02 2007

creeping ski “Avalanche”

20 02 2007
mia sode

hi! my name is mia and i find you and your friends absolutly hilarious. i literally laughed out loud at all of your personalities and unique attitudes. i think that you’re walk to san diego from las angeles is great. i went backpacking myself; i went to aussie for a month with nothing but what i could carry. you’re probably on the road right now and i just wanted to thank you for giving people all over (including myself) a chance to voice their opinion and walk-for-whatever. i hope you have a very safe trip and learn a few things about yourself and maybe your friends as well. life is too short to be speeding…why not walk? have a wonderful trip and thanks a lot, guys.

mia t (moonflower)

20 02 2007

yall are cool

come walk across CT, i’ll come w/

21 02 2007
Laughing Squid » Join The Walkstars on Their Last 5 Miles

[…] which make up of Peter, Sean and Josh, are currently walking from Los Angeles to San Diego, posting video updates along the way. They are inviting as many people as possible to join them this Saturday, February […]

20 03 2007

You all are just crazy. What I want to know is did Josh clear his mind and if Peter got the plethora of reasons for walking solved? On another note, that blister on Sean’s toe… well let’s just say I haven’t eaten in days. (Just Kidding but Ugh!) Stay motivated guys. You’ve inspired others to do so many things that they’ve not had the balls to do. Till the next walk…

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